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The purpose of this Charter is to describe to the public and the aviation community, the service experience that can be expected in dealing with the Christ Apostolic Students And Associates (CASA) and its staff.

We have a responsibility to inform people about their rights and responsibilities, including the right to expect high standards of service and behavior from CASA officers.

We believe that people who are better informed and have a clearer understanding of legislative requirements are better able to comply with the rules and regulations in the maintenance of air safety. This in turn will enhance aviation safety levels in World.

The CASA Service Charter sets out our feedback process, so that you can let us know how well we are implementing our Service levels and how we can improve our service to you.

The Charter also sets out our Complaints Handling procedure so that you can let us know if you are dissatisfied with the standards of service you have received or are unhappy with a decision made by CASA staff. We believe that it is in everybody’s interests to resolve complaints efficiently and effectively.

Reports on our performance against this Service Charter will be included in our Annual Report.

This Charter forms part of CASA’s strategic planning and reporting system, which is based on the Corporate Plan. It has been developed in accordance with the Whole of Government approach detailed in the Department of Finance and Administration publication ‘Client Service Charter Principles’. It has been prepared in consultation with staff, other relevant agencies and a broad cross section of the aviation community.

We will seek stakeholders’ views on the Charter’s effectiveness on a regular basis and use this information to improve our services.

Apart from the right to be treated in a professional and impartial manner at all times, you have the right to;

1. The review and appeal of a decision that affects you

2. Lodge a complaint

3. Rivalry and confidentiality of personal information

4. Access documents under the Freedom of Information Act 1982

5. Seek clarification of a decision that affects you

6. Access services, facilities and information in a manner which meets your needs.

7. In investigating breaches of the law, we will be fair and tell you your legal rights and responsibilities.